Exclusive content for Vegans & Vegetarians
BunnyGo offers an extensive national (UK) guide to vegan/vegetarian services including restaurants, shops, cafes, accommodation etc. via the Activeg Network, a community of over sixty web sites. BunnyGo is a free app.
BunnyGo is location aware, if GPS is available, BunnyGo will automatically provide a list of all the services available to you locally, listed in order of distance. In this list you will be able to see recommended services, along with an indication of how many reviews a location has received
The locations in the search results list can be viewed and selected from the interactive map view
As well as the local search, BunnyGo can search any location my name or postcode
Locations can be selected from the list or map to see more detail, such as all services offered, address details, access to websites, even to ring directly or email from BunnyGo. Also, from the detail view you can browse through user reviews to help you make an informed choice
A typical review, rating a restaurant on food, service & atmosphere.